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Vetvicka, V. - Biology and Chemistry of Beta Glucan, 2013: Bentham Books (Ebook)

Vetvicka, V., V
etvickova J.: Glucan-Resrevatrol-Vitamin C Combination Offers Protection against Toxic Agents. Toxins, 2012. PDF DOCUMENT

Aruna Vashishta, Vetvicka V.: Search for cancer treatment continues: Procathepsin D. World Journal of Pathology, 2012 PDF DOCUMENT

Vetvicka V., Vetvickova J.: Combination of Glucan, Resveratrol and Vitamin C Demonstrates Strong Anti-tumor Potential. Anticancer Research, 2012

Vetvicka V., Fusek M., Vashishta A.: Procathepsin D Involvement in Chemoresistance of Cancer Cells. North Am. J. of Med. Sciences, 2012 PDF DOCUMENT

Vetvicka V., Vetvickova J.: B (1-3)-D-glucan affects adipogenesis, wound healing and inflammation. Orient. Pharm Exp Med, 2011

Vetvicka V.,
Vetvickova J.: Procathepsin D and Cytokines Influence the Proliferation of Lung Cancer Cells. Anticancer Research 31, 2011 PDF DOCUMENT

Saraswat-Ohri S.,
Vetvicka V.: New insights into procathepsin D in pathological and physiological conditions. North Am J of Med Sciences, 3, 2011 PDF DOCUMENT

Vetvicka V.,
Vashishta A., Saraswat-Ohri S., Vetvickova J.: Procathepsin D and cancer: From molecular biology to clinical applications. WJCO, November 2010 PDF DOCUMENT

Vetvicka V.: Glucan -  immunostimulant, adjuvant, potential drug. WJCO, February 2011

Vetvicka V. et al.: Glucan and Humic Acid: Synergistic Effects on the Immune System. Journal of Medicinal Food 13, 2010 PDF DOCUMENT

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Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, PhD

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This non-commercial, non-profit site is intended to provide information to anybody looking for help and information when facing health challenges, particularly cancer. The information is based on our areas of research and expertise, i.e. cancer, beta glucans and Cathepsin D. It is our intention to keep this site alive and up-dated with additional information whenever possible.

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